Centrophenoxine Powder

Promotes acetylcholine and cellular rejuvenation


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Centrophenoxine Powder Overview

Centrophenoxine, also known as Lucidril or Meclofenoxate HCL, works by stimulating glucose and oxygen uptake in the brain and body.

Centrophenoxine reduces damage that has been caused to nerve cells through the ageing process by reducing elevated lipofuscin levels. It is highly effective at detoxing the brain and cells throughout the body by lowering lipofuscin, which is the build of of potassium in cells within the body.

Furthermore, Centro also increases production of proteins and RNA and thus has the ability to improve memory and cognition indirectly. This makes it ideal to stack with other nootropics, as the mechanism of action is entirely different from what one would experience with the racetams. Since it elevates acetylcholine levels in the brain, stacking with aniracetam or oxiracetam is optimal for even better results.

Simply put, centrophenoxine helps combat the signs of ageing, is a neuro-energizer, antioxidant and it improves neural energy. Its proven to effectively improve memory and the speed at which memories are stored.

Key Benefits

Shown to remove lipofuscin deposits and function as a detox compound 
Powerful source of choline
Can have a stimulatory effect 

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  • Product Name:Centrophenoxine Powder
  • Product Reference: CT50
  • Price: 27.95
  • Product Width: 6.30 cm
  • Product Height: 11.00 cm
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  • Description: Promotes acetylcholine and cellular rejuvenation
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