• Centrophenoxine
    €27.95 Out of stock

    Promotes acetylcholine and cellular rejuvenation

    €27.95 tax incl.
    90 Veggie Caps (250mg)
    Out of Stock
    Out of stock
  • Noopept
    €13.95 In Stock

    Promotes cognition and serves as a neuroprotectant

    €13.95 tax incl.
    90 Veggie Caps (10mg)
    In Stock
  • Oxiracetam
    €34.95 Out of Stock

    Supports spatial memory and data learning

    €34.95 tax incl.
    60 Veggie Caps (750mg)
    Out of Stock
  • Phenibut
    €21.95 Out of stock

    Supports improved rest, mood restoration and anxiety

    €21.95 tax incl.
    60 Veggie Caps (500mg)
    Out of Stock
    Out of stock
  • Picamilon Capsules
    €17.95 In stock
    Picamilon Capsules

    Promotes Mood and Cognitive Function

    €17.95 tax incl.
    90 Veggie Caps (100mg)
    In stock
  • Pramiracetam
    €29.95 In stock

    For cognition and nootropic potentiation

    €29.95 tax incl.
    60 Veggie Caps (300mg)
    In stock
  • Vinpocetine Capsules
    €11.95 In stock
    Vinpocetine Capsules

    Neural antioxidant and cognition enhancer

    €11.95 tax incl.
    90 Veggie Caps (10mg)
    In stock
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Recent Product Reviews

Phenibut is truly a miracle for me. I've always had trouble sleeping while under stress (go to sleep at 11pm, wake up at 3am and just wait for the alarm clock hopelessly). After stumbling upon phenibut and reading about its qualities in boosting sociability, I couldn't hesitate. Started with 1g on an empty stomach (calories kill it, so it's best used 2hrs after eating and not eat one more hour after taking it). The magic of phenibut is, you don't recognize something is "off". You don't feel any ...
Mar 30, 2017
HydroCBD™ 5%
This CBD formula is very powerful and and works wonders to me, eliminates pain, anxiety, stress, cramps etc.. Its effect is long lasting so it's important to keep the dosage recommendation.
Mar 5, 2017
I've had an incredible experience both with this product and the company. Questions I had were answered with ease through their profile on facebook and they were proactive in every step, engaging me and ensuring my customer loyalty for years to come; the only other company thus far to operate with their level of customer orientation is Amazon, renowned in the industry. The product itself is great, I've had no headaches at all and it's helped shift my weekends where I would struggle to focus int ...
Feb 25, 2017
Waking up in the middle of the night for over 7 years, sleep really bad, always tired. That is now gone, sleeping for 8 - 9 hours straight feels like heaven! RS review makes me a little scared of addiction though, thanks for posting it, need to be alert and follow up.
Feb 15, 2017
HydroCBD™ 2.5%
First time buying a CBD oil product but I like it. Would certainly recommend it!
Feb 6, 2017